Gaswatch 230-1:AGL to “focus our presence” in Hunter Valley

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Gaswatch 230-1:AGL to “focus our presence” in Hunter Valley

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Gas Watch 231. AGL to “focus our presence” in Hunter Valley CSG exclusion zones.

AGL intends to “focus our presence in the Hunter region at our property at Yellow Rock, near Broke.” This “focus” comes as an unwelcome surprise to the people of Broke and to the Hunter Valley winegrowing community.


AGL appears intent on turning the Hunter Valley into an industrial gas field, and is moving moving its Singleton shopfront and information centre onto rural land owned by AGL near the vineyard village of Broke.

AGL to shut John Street shop, (

See all in Gas Watch 231, ( ).

Gas Watch 230. AGL continues to be the neighbour no-one wants. AGL Energy’s contribution to society during 2013.

Thanks again AGL for your continued efforts to ruin the environment and to poison the soil and water in your inexorable quest for coal seam methane gas at the expense of sustainable rural industries and at the expense of the quiet enjoyment of residential areas.
You’re no better than last year – for the 2012 AGL behaviour see:
Gas Watch 183

AGL’s community involvement 2013:

• AGL is spraying salty water onto pasture onto the floodplain outside Gloucester, notwithstanding that the EPA described the water as “high strength effluent”, in a trial to see what damage will be done to the soil. The EPA report was sidelined even though it gave advice that the action was high risk, threatening valuable agricultural land and would lead to dangerously high salt levels and the potential destruction of farmland. Professor Pells says that should the project continue as planned, 2500 tonnes of salt per year will be sprayed onto the surrounding farmland.

• AGL’s Annual Report claimed that their Hunter Petroleum Exploration Licence had been renewed. It hadn’t and AGL was forced to correct the report when we brought it to their notice.

• AGL breached its Environment Protection Licence at its Camden gas works by failing to monitor air emissions and commited to pay $150,000 to an environment project as a result. AGL was also to pay $10,000 in legal costs. Mike Moraza “deeply regretted the non-compliance”. That helps.
There is more, much more, see all in Gas Watch 230, .

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