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Hazzard asked to protect the whole of the Broke Fordwich

PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 7:26 am
by HVPA_research
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Gas Watch 233. Minister Hazzard and local MP Souris exhorted by community to protect the whole of the Broke Fordwich winegrowing region from CSG.

The Department of Primary Industry (mapping) has recommended to the Planning Department that the significant winegrowing district of Broke Fordwich be divided up into 9 separate, non-contiguous Critical Industrial Clusters – a Swiss cheese effect - it appears from the latest mapping

We have written to Minister Hazzard welcoming the mapping of 2 kilometre exclusion zones around the villages of Broke and Bulga. We have also welcomed the mapping of the viticultural Critical Industry Cluster Exclusion Zone. But we have brought to the attention of the Planning Minister that:

“the whole of the Broke Fordwich winegrowing region falls within the criteria developed by your Department and, that when considering the final governing legislation you take into account not only the mapping of the vineyards within the Broke Fordwich winegrowing region, but the region as a whole.”

( see all in Gas Watch 233 ).