World-best CSG waste disposal practices according to Santos

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World-best CSG waste disposal practices according to Santos

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*Archived from Facebook "People For The Plains's " post *

Some interesting Facebook images showing the "world-best-class " CSG waste disposal practices at the Santos drilling rigs in Pilliga
were presented in the following Facebook "People For The Plains's" post:

The coal seam gas industry and their tame regulators never tire of telling us how the current environmental regulations are going to protect
our health,land and water from the danger of the CSG drilling and fracking waste. Well, here is an example how these regulations work in practice.
The CSG drilling company simply passes the toxic waste on a sub-contractor! Problem solved!

If you are not on Facebook see pictures below the archived text.

Another Contractor to the Coal Seam Gas Company Santos has been caught operating outside the New South Wales Environment Protection and Narrabri Shire Council Guidelines.

Namoi WasteCorp is the Company in question and they are major Contractors to Santos and Coal Mines within the Narrabri Shire. Photos and video of this Companies yard have been posted on this page.

Namoi WasteCorp leases skip bins to Santos so that the Drill cuttings can be stored in them, they also remove the Drilling fluid from the Drill Rig as well as other drilling waste and take it to Newcastle??? (source Mr R Campbell). They have a water truck that dust suppresses the roads in the Pilliga State Forest and the other areas of Santos’ Operation, they also remove and store the plastic waste from the pipelines and RO plants. They have Vacuum trucks that have been seen in the area of Drill pond sites which contain drilling fluids containing unknown chemicals.

This Contractor has been storing oils and other fluids at his operational centre 54-56 Wee Waa Road Narrabri that are well in excess of the 5 tonnes (about 5,000 to 6,000 litres of fluids depending on the specific gravity of that fluid) that is allowed to be stored on site without a licence from the EPA to do so. There is approximately 20,000 litres of a Water Flocculent from the Coal Mines, which is used to assist in the settling out of the sediments in the water of the Coal Mine Settling Dams and I counted at least 6 by 1,000 litre containers of used engine oil located against the side fence and at the rear of a shed.

From information received, this Contractor to Santos does not have that Licence from the NSW EPA to operate as they are.
But that is not all; not only is the amount of fluid in breach of the EPA Guidelines, but so is the way it is stored. The fluids and oils are stored in 1,000 litre containers that are marked incorrectly as to the nature of the content. The containers have their original Dangerous Goods signs on them as well as the original contents labels, when in actual fact these fluids are not classed as such. This is a major breach of the Dangerous Goods Act.

Located on the premises were skip bins with CSG Drill cuttings in them. The Authorities have requested an analysis of these to determine the exact content of chemicals in the cuttings. Santos, I am sure, will assist Namoi WasteCorp there.

Narrabri Shire Council had started Legal Action against this Company, then dropped it because of the cost involved (I do have an email that supports this from Narrabri Shire Council). There is currently a development application by this company before Narrabri Shire Council, which is so flawed that it leaks worse than a colander and also there is no EPA Report attached to this Application.

Santos sure can pick the Contractors that always comply to their so called “High Standards”.

If this is an example of the standards Santos wants from their Contractors then the people living within the theatre of Santos’ CSG Operation really have a cause for concern with regard to Santos’ Standards of Gas Well and the whole CSG Project around the Narrabri, Gunnedah and Liverpool Plains Shire Areas.

I have kept my information on this Santos Contractor to a few points, but there are more.

Any factual input from those who support the CSG or Coal Mining Industry with regard to this post is really welcomed.

There are a couple of common threads running through the matters of Perfume Park (subject of a green-brown fluid being dumped and an article on this page) and Namoi WasteCorp; these include Santos and some Coal Mines from the Extractive Industry side and Narrabri Shire Council on the Administrative side.

I will leave this matter here for now and turn it all over to you.

Tony Pickard





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