AGL gets nod for CSG fracking in Gloucester

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AGL gets nod for CSG fracking in Gloucester

Postby HVPA_research » Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:28 am

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AGL gets nod for CSG fracking in Gloucester

"This is a clear signal that the Liberal and National parties are pro-fracking and pro-coal seam gas," Mr Buckingham said."It's outrageous that the people of Gloucester will have fracking within a few hundred metres of their homes, while people in the western suburbs (of Sydney) enjoy a two-kilometre buffer," he said." The community is overwhelmingly opposed, the scientists have warned of contamination of groundwater and the Manning River, and there is no clear plan to dispose of waste products."
Mr Buckingham predicted local protests would resemble those in Bentley in the Northern Rivers region which earlier this year prompted the government to suspend exploration by Metgasco

If this happens, we ALLmust give all conceivable help to our friends in Gloucester. Remember that we are still the next on the AGL's hit list. The problem is that all important decisions are made by people who live in far away city subourbs, say Mosman, and who would be absolutely livid if their neighbour planted a tree spoiling "their Harbour views". Yet, they are perfectly happy to ruin somebody else's lives and to convert a charming valley into a stinking gasland! Why not, they do not live there, their harbour views are safe, and their property values coming up nicely, thank you ...
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