GAS WATCH 73 - AGL buys wind farms

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GAS WATCH 73 - AGL buys wind farms

Postby sysop » Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:07 pm

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Sunday, 21-June-2009. GAS WATCH 73. AGL ENERGY: Buys wind farms in SA – but threatens the Hunter Valley with release of another fossil fuel and loss of groundwater.

With great pomp, amid claims of being environmentally conscious, AGL Energy this week announced the purchase of two wind farms in South Australia to produce electricity, but kept silent on its environmental threat to the Hunter Valley with its exploration for that fossil fuel it hopes will replace coal, methane gas .

The black underbelly of this claimed green company is the threat to precious water supplies as it careers forward drilling through water tables running the risk of contamination or loss of water supplying viticulture, agriculture and life in the Hunter Valley (read more in Gas Watch 73 ).

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Re: GAS WATCH 73 - AGL buys wind farms

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