AGL shortlisted for big solar projects

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AGL shortlisted for big solar projects

Postby HVPA_research » Thu May 13, 2010 9:08 pm

An article in Stock & Land Full steam for big solar projects reviews recent developments in the Federal Government Solar Flagships program:

AGL Energy, Infigen and Transfield are among eight companies to be shortlisted to build a commercial-scale solar power plant under the Rudd government's $1.5 billion Solar Flagships program.

According to The Australian Financial Review, taxpayers will chip in $1 for every $2 that a private consortium is prepared to invest in the development of large-scale solar power plants. The government waded through 52 applications to produce the shortlist of eight.

Read the full article here

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with the selection of the shortlist. In particular, according to this SMH article "Solar Flagship shortlist comes up short " companies with the most advanced solar technology have been ignored.

FOSSIL fuel pirates and other opportunists have commandeered Energy Minister Martin Ferguson's Solar Flagship program.

The short-listed bidders for a slice of the $1.5 billion booty, courtesy of the Federal Government, was buried in a press release issued on Budget night.

But this week's shortlist does not include companies with the most advanced of this type of technology, which uses tall towers that collect and process concentrated solar energy and stores some of it in molten salts for dispatch at night.

The companies that have already built these power plants and other advanced commercial solar installations are Abengoa, Solar Millennium and ACS Cobra.

Instead, Ferguson's department once again has diverted funds to his favoured fossil fools and a gladbag of solar generation novices, when that assistance was supposedly earmarked for companies that already had commercial-scale solar electricity experience.

AGL Energy: No experience in building large-scale solar power plants. Regularly accused by the energy regulator of manipulating wholesale electricity prices. Has a commercial imperative to ensure its gas-fired power stations make profits above all else. Score: 1/5.

TRUenergy: Failed to attract capital to build Solar System's planned Mildura generator, forcing the nation's most cutting-edge renewable energy company into administration last year. Subsidiary of one of the world's richest and biggest carbon polluters, China Light and Power, which owns the Yallourn coal-fired power plant. 0/5.
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