Households switch on to Climate Smart service

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Households switch on to Climate Smart service

Postby HVPA_research » Sun Jul 11, 2010 10:27 pm

Queensland Households switch on to Climate Smart service for $50.

This initiative by Queensland State Government helps individual households to lower their electricity power bills. A portable wireless monitor shows power consumption in real time in dollars and cents. That means that you can switch an electrical appliance on and immediately see its effect on your power bill.
It is estimated that one $50 service can save a household up to $250 a year on water and energy bills and reduce a carbon footprint by up to 20.4 tonnes.

Tony Belisle, whose family received a Climate Smart home service on Sunday, said he was looking forward to the cheaper bills and cleaner environment.
"It's quite an eye opener to be able to look at the metre and see the usage you have and be able to minimise that to make a better future for our children," he said.

Through the Queensland Government's ClimateSmart Home Service, households receive:

- A home energy audit conducted by a licensed electrician and a customised plan on how to save energy and money.

- An energy monitor supplied and installed to show how much energy is being used throughout the day.

- A water efficient showerhead supplied and installed to reduce water consumption.

- Up to 15 free energy efficient compact fluorescent light globes.

Unfortunately, this service is not available outside Queensland so we in NSW have to wait.
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