"More oil then 11 Saudi Arabias"

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"More oil then 11 Saudi Arabias"

Postby HVPA_research » Wed Sep 01, 2010 12:38 am

This is an article typical for American energy investment websites http://www.angelnexus.com/o/web/23051. It is pushing for uncontrolled drilling for oil and gas onshore, offshore - anywhere. It also explains the beauty of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking). Here is a quote where they rave about these technologies:
But How Does Horizontal Directional Drilling Work, Exactly?
As I mentioned earlier, getting oil out is not a matter of simply poking a hole in the ground until you hit a soft spot full of oil — what we know as the old vertical drilling technique.
These giant deposits are woven with rocks, and that rock-layer is wide but very thin... Thin enough that vertical drilling is horribly unsuccessful, not to mention extremely expensive.
That is, until they attempted to drill a well sideways — a technique called "horizontal directional drilling" — in which wildcatters drill down to the oil and then kick out their well thousands of feet to the left or right, sort of like an underground sprinkler.

Here's what it looks like:
<picture horizontal drilling 1 here>
<picture horizontal drilling 2 here>

But horizontal drilling alone isn't enough to get the oil out of the ground.
You still need to figure out a way to both drill sideways and fracture the rock to release the oil.
Until now, both horizontal drilling and fracturing had been done before, but never together.
Now that they’ve been mastered, these combined technologies are making drilling and extracting our own safe, domestic oil both possible and extremely profitable.
In fact the technique is so efficient that companies — like the ones I will tell you about below — are extracting oil at an amazing cost of just $16 a barrel!
They’re also pulling natural gas from these regions for such a cheap price that this technology has single-handedly plummeted prices!
It has oil & gas companies flooding into these areas like never before — and their share prices skyrocketing, almost as fast as they set up shop!

<two diagrams here>

That’s just a few of them!

I have a stack of charts, three inches high on my desk, of companies experiencing the very same surge — with even more about to skyrocket.
I’ve written this letter to show you everything we’ve learned about this historic — yet rarely publicized — domestic oil boom… the companies profiting from it… and how you could take advantage of this historic land rush before the fastest gains have already been made.

Amazing! Not a word about the environment, about toxic fracking chemicals, about poisonous air, about dead streams and rivers. It would be interesting to see these share market chartists to watch the GASLAND documentary! All this explains why America is in trouble and they are trying to export these attitudes to Australia.

What is the point in having all this oil,gas and dollars if you poison the land you live in, food you eat and water you drink?
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