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PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:38 am
by HVPA_research
Tensions between Cabot and Dimock residents are escalating. A resident was charged with disorderly conduct last week for an incident with a gun. In response, Cabot has hired armed guards to accompany employees onto residential properties. Hanger pleaded for calm Thursday, saying, "Put the guns away."

Pa. DEP targets Texas driller for tainted water

Even more important news is that:
Pennsylvania's top environmental regulator says the state will sue a Houston-based drilling company unless it agrees to pay nearly $12 million to extend a public water line to at least 18 residents whose water wells have been contaminated with methane gas.

So, after month after month of denials that well contamination at Dimock has nothing to with fracking gas wells, the Texas gas gas company Cabot is about to be found guilty. Naturally, they denied everything, what else can we expect? This is a fascinating document that shows that no money was spared on lawyers and Cabot's experts. In the end they almost concluded that "methane in drinking water is in fact good for you". Yet if we use just common sense we can observe that the Dimock residents were fine before Cabot started fracking and now they are sick and their wells are ruined. Why did they have to go so close to a residential area? No amount of legal speak and expert knowledge bamboozle can change that.

Similar tensions between permanent residents and migratory workers employed by coal and gas companies are developing in Queensland. Luckily, no guns are involved:
Mining Communities United Inc. - Collinsville, QLD
Mining Communities United Inc. - Collinsville, QLD The Mackay Mercury will be starting a campaign AGAINST THE move towards fly in fly out workers - launching on Monday!!!! SIGN THE PETITION AND HAVE YOUR SAY!!!