No mining moratorium in NSW

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No mining moratorium in NSW

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No mining moratorium in NSW ABC Rural News, By Caitlin Furlong ,Monday, 08/11/2010

Minister for Primary Industries and Mineral Resources in New South Wales, Steve Whan has ruled out a moratorium on mining and gas exploration in the state.
A national action group formed in the Hunter Valley at the weekend called for a moratorium on new coal seam gas and coal mining developments.
Representatives from Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales met in the township of Broke where the local community is fighting a gas exploration project.
Minister Whan says to stop exploring for coal and coal seam gas would cost communities a huge amount of jobs.
"It would certainly mean a flight of investment from New South Wales."
The Minister has acknowledged the need engage communities more in the planning process for mineral exploration and secure food supplies into the future.
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