Shale Oil mining in Israel

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Shale Oil mining in Israel

Postby HVPA_research » Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:45 am

Archived correspondence from HVPA Members List relating to these articles:

Boogeymen Trifecta: Murdoch Allies With Oil Company, Cheney

To share is to gain strength and from sharing others will be saved. Our
strength is that we care, we care what corporations under the guise of
improving ‘democracy’ are doing to humans, the animal kingdom and the
environment. Murdoch says that the destruction of Israel’s valley with
‘shale mining’ will improve ‘democracy’ in the world.



Hello Josephine,

Thank you for contacting us, and for sharing the developments in Sydney. We
are always interested in sharing information with others who are involved in
similar struggles around the world, and I have passed all the information
you sent to our science team for their review. If you have any additional
information specifically regarding oil shale mining in Australia, we would
welcome that as well.

As you read in our website, the issue of governmental regulation is a key
issue for us here in Israel as well, especially regarding oil shale mining,
natural gas production, and other energy development issues. One of our
primary concerns is that a private, foreign-owned company was granted free
license to pursue its own financially-driven interests, and only afterwards
will the Israeli government and its citizens be left to deal with the
damaging and harmful results. Your experiences in Sydney further emphasize
that risk.

Our team, together with our strategic partners -- both non-profit
organizations and government representatives -- is working hard to prevent
oil shale mining from becoming another such disaster.

I am truly sorry to hear about the devastation that you and your fellow
citizens are suffering, and we wish all of you strength and good health. I
invite you to contact me with any further updates or information you wish to

All the best,

Rachel Jacobson

Rachel Jacobson


M: +972-54-520-7672

On 25/11/2010, at 10:42, Jo wrote:


My name is Josephine and whilst our predicament is not related to shale
mining, it is related to the devastation that Murdoch
has wrought on thousands here in Sydney.

I will give you access to a website that in fact is an expose – it is
incomplete as there are approximately four thousand files,

photographs, emails and letters relating to a deal between Murdoch and the
State and Federal government of Australia.

Whilst they were well aware that the operations may well kill people, or
cause major health problems they set about ensuring
that there could be no liability directed at Murdoch and his partners.

The website is - type into
Google my name Josephine Wadlow-Evans – whilst

There are a number of items that are perhaps not related you will see
articles etc., the lady photographed in one has since

died in circumstances that as you will see the Coroner is, so it is
understood still investigating. More likely than not it was

health related as a result of living adjacent to this heavy industrial
factory site.

Listen to an interview on 2gb and realise that the community was covered in
asbestos – Murdoch ensuring that his company does not carry any liability.

Note the removal of all state, federal and local regulatory bodies from site
inspections, this can be accessed on the website just click onto all
headings – to see inside some of the industrial buildings click onto
buildings -

Keep up the good work, and know that Murdoch is more than ruthless – the
film industry is noted as being the second biggest polluter after the oil
industry and the third biggest greenhouse gas emitter. So believe me when I
say Murdoch is not in the least bit concerned about the environment. As you
legal team to have a look at the Alien Torte Claims Act -

Warmest regards,

Josephine Wadlow-Evans

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