CO2 geosequestration for NSW - another threat

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CO2 geosequestration for NSW - another threat

Postby HVPA_research » Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:05 am

As if we did not have enough to worry about uncontrolled growth of coal seam gas and coal mining expansion here is another threat (see copy of the mail from Caroona below). Geosequestration of carbon dioxide [/b][/url]. CO2 geosequestration has been used in conventional oil and gas industry for some time. Storing unwanted CO2 in depleted oil fields makes sense. However, large scale sequestration of CO2 from coal power stations into existing un-mined coal seams is a new and largely untested concept. Yet NSW Government is now obviously quite prepared to go ahead with this process without considering the environmental and social consequences.

There was also some early research on "enhanced coal bed methane" which suggests storing CO2 in exhausted CSG gaswells (see Apparently Hunter Valley would not be a good area to try this because it is riddled with coal mines and exploration boreholes. CO2 would simply escape into the atmosphere making the whole process a costly nonsense. Areas north of the Hunter, still largely pristine from the mining point of view, are therefore proposed. Another paper from CSIRO suggests that instead of geosequestration of CO2 in coal seam we should consider biosequestration in agricultural soils and/or forests.

Archived from Caroona mailing list:
Well if it isn't enough to be under seige from coal and coal seam gas! We now have the government trying to put another bill through which apparently is an initiative of Ian McDonald's. The following information has been made available.

Here's the link to the Greenhouse Gas Storage bill (and the government's second reading speech) that's coming up for debate over the next couple days.

Here's the background from Brad Mullard:

[url] ... -paper.pdf
Also Maquarie Generation's doc re 'potential for Coal Seam Geosequestration' is here:

CSIRO seems to be working with china on this too.

Basically this geosequestration involves even more drilling to identify "reservoirs" where millions of tons of CO2 can be injected and stored lowering greenhouse emissions. A couple of areas have been identified - with the hot favourites being centred around Blackville-Willow Tree and Bando-Mullaley - all over our wonderful food producing plains. Environmental issues include the acidification of water if it seeps into aquifers - which it will - and the usual one of turning our beautiful plains into a industrial wasteland overlaid with pipes and infrastructure. Conditions of access are draconian - you cannot say no! The documents are lengthy - but the second website is most relevent to us.

The Greens are committed to blocking this, the Nationals say that they will also block it - and we need to work on the independents. We do not have much time. I have been phoning Parliament House - 02 92302111 - and asking to speak to key independents and I would give the Nationals a run too. We do not know which way the Liberals will jump.

I have spoken to Fred Nile's office - and you can email He has asked for as many people as possible to contact him. Please get on the phone and talk/email to as many as possible. Anyway back to the phone for me so please go for it!

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