Gas Compressor Stations and Schools

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Gas Compressor Stations and Schools

Postby HVPA_research » Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:43 pm

For some reason, gas companies love to locate their compressor stations and processing plants in densely populated areas and even close to schools . For example, the following video
contrasts the gas company propaganda with the reality in Dallas,PA,USA where they are planning to do exactly that.

Our own experience in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia is exactly the same. AGL Energy is not willing to sign a covenant that they will not build a gas processing plant or compressor station 300 m from our local primary school at Broke (see AGL also owns another large property near the Milbrodale primary school! The above video provides all the reason why the local residents should not allow this to happen.

AGL, of course, claims (but does not prove) that they are operating with utmost safety: Trust us to mine Hunter, says AGL

October 21 2010, 3:31PM
AGL Energy Ltd has defended its gas exploration program in NSW's Hunter Valley, saying the company has a culture that does not "kill people" and a long history of dealing in dangerous commodities.
Australia's largest energy retailer was met by protesters outside its annual general meeting in Sydney on Thursday, while shareholders also raised questions about the Hunter Valley coal seam gas project.

"Since 1837 we have been selling lethal products, products that can kill people, gas and electricity, and we don't kill people," AGL chairman Mark Johnson told the annual general meeting.
"This company has the highest standards in its DNA ... inculcated into everything it does. It aspires to the highest standards.
"If and when we move into production in the Hunter, we believe it can be done to a very high standard of performance."
AGL is conducting exploratory drilling throughout the Hunter Valley to assess the quantity and quality of the natural gas resource for development.

Chief executive Michael Fraser said AGL had the expertise for the project, having operated the Camden coal seam Gas Project, 50km southwest of Sydney, since 2007.
"In my view, we are just at the beginning of what will be a significant gas discovery on the doorstep of our core market," he said.
"The bottom line is that if we thought our actions would damage the environment or harm the community in which we operate, we simply wouldn't pursue them until we resolved those issues."
Shareholder Diana Denison, who has family in the area, asked the meeting whether it was ethical for AGL to conduct exploratory drilling within 450 metres of Broke Primary School.
"We believe we are using safe processes. They are monitored and reported on to the highest standards," Mr Johnson said.

How can we trust AGL and the government regulators when they do not even want to talk to us? Two weeks before this Christmas they dissolved our Community Consultative Committee (

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