Geothermal is getting warmer

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Geothermal is getting warmer

Postby HVPA_research » Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:21 pm

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This is a current review of the geothermal energy projects in Australia from the Climate Spectator ( .

The energy company is excited how effective their fracking technology really is - the fracking zone was not the expected 500m but 900m. The frack technology and companies doing this are the same as in the coal seam gas mining operations which are much closer to the surface. We in the Hunter already have coal mines, CSG and geothermal energy exploration. We are, therefore, concerned about a potential damage to fresh water aquifers. Deep geothermal drilling also has the additional potential of triggering earthquakes.

For Petratherm and its partners Beach Energy and TRUenergy, however, the fracture stimulation test undertaken by the US giant Halliburton over the past week at the Paralana 2 well, have been overwhelmingly positive.

The testing, which involves injecting millions of litres down a well at high pressure, setting off thousands of "micro-earthquakes", indicated micro-fracturing occurred as far as 900 metres to the east of the well – far beyond the 500m hoped for – and at depth of 3,500m to 4,000m. And it found considerable heat, from 176C at 3,750m to estimates of 190C at 4,000m.

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