Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found In Drinking Water

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Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found In Drinking Water

Postby HVPA_research » Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:05 pm

Link to this page:
Team 4: Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found In Drinking Water
Small Communities Struggle To Keep Water Clean

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Story so far: Independent researchers found cancer causing chemical in town water in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. It appears that water treatment in many towns, especially small ones, are struggling to remove dangerous chemicals from the river water. The fact that gas companies are releasing frack water into rivers upstream does not help.

The head of the Beaver Falls water authority declined to talk on camera, but he told Van Osdol their problems were aggravated by the release of gas industry wastewater, also known as frack water, eighteen miles upstream from the treatment plant. He says the authority is changing treatment procedures to address the problem. Earlier this year, the state told the gas industry to stop dumping frack water into rivers.All the water authorities named by EPA as serious violators serve small communities."They're small systems so they don't have a lot of resources to manage their drinking water plants like a big system would,"

There is a very good video ( to go with the discussion ( Mabe we should get some still images from the video. It certainly show what is what.

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