ABC Four Corners: Against the Wind

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ABC Four Corners: Against the Wind

Postby HVPA_research » Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:19 pm

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ABC TV Four Corners 25 July,2011: AGAINST THE WIND.

"AGAINST THE WIND" broadcast tonight rises some important issues. It appears that people living within 10 km from existing wind farms, who do not have financial interest in them, suffer from headaches, sleeplessness and other health disorders. Government scientific investigations so far failed to confirm this. WELL WORTH WATCHING! We, as a society, need to have good hard look at our future energy needs.

We in the CSG movement should note what Randal Bell, Chairman of the Landscape Guardians Victoria :
"RANDALL BELL: Well, it's the Government's target. It's their choice, it's their decision. All we will say is that wind will never deliver on it, not in a 100 million years. The only thing that would deliver on it would be gas. " NOTE: GAS = CSG.

So, they are worried about wind turbines 10km away and we in the Hunter should be happy with open cut coal mines within 3km (or less) and with CSG gas wells within 200m from our homes with all what that involves! Who is the NIMBY here?

We should write to the Landscape Guardians and ask them to support us in our fight against CSG. It would interesting to see their reaction.See more

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