NSW Government rejects 'clean coal'

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NSW Government rejects 'clean coal'

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Interesting development this week - $100 million of public funds still going to the coal industry through this fund, of course. Hope all are well, Holly

NSW Government rejects 'clean coal'
10 August 2011 12:34pm
Carbon and Environment Daily (http://www.cedaily.com.au/nl06_news_selected.php?act=2&nav=1&selkey=46145&utm_source=instant+email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Instant+Email+Article+Link)

The NSW Government has introduced a bill that dumps the term 'clean coal' - rejecting it as spin - and reduces industry's presence on a council that disburses funds to reduce coal-related emissions.

The bill would rebadge the state's $100 million Clean Coal Fund (http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/minerals/resources/low-emissions-coal/nsw-clean-coal-council-and-clean-coal-fund) as the Coal Innovation NSW Fund and rename the Clean Coal Council as Coal Innovation NSW.

The bill's purpose "is to acknowledge the fact that there is no such thing as clean coal and to accept that we all have a responsibility, no matter what our political persuasion or background, to work in our community to minimise or to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions," Resources and Energy Minister Christ Hartcher told (http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/Prod/parlment/hanstrans.nsf/V3ByKey/LA20110809?open&refNavID=HA2_1) the Legislative Assembly yesterday.

All references to 'clean coal' in the enabling Act for the fund and council will be replaced by the term 'low emissions coal'.

Like saying dirt is clean

The Coalition's renewable energy parliamentary secretary, Rob Stokes, told Parliament that "it makes no more sense to say that coal is clean than to say that dirt is clean".

"The former Labor Government was constantly pilloried for its focus on spin, and terming this legislation 'clean coal' is a classic example."

Stokes said it was crucial to "break our reliance on coal", although this could only occur gradually, "while we expand our energy mix to encourage the exploitation of renewable resources as quickly as possible".

He also criticised the energy and resources sector as having "traditionally been the world's worst investors in research and development", compared to other industries.

"We need to ensure that coal companies make a proper investment in research to develop efficient emission controls and combustion technologies," he said.

Greens MP Jamie Parker told Parliament that 'clean coal' was "part of the public relations campaign push by the coal industry to claim that coal does not have emissions, it can be clean and it can be a long-term resource for the future.

"I am glad that the Government has acknowledged, as has the rest of the scientific community, that clean coal does not exist: clean coal cannot happen", he said.

The bill limits the membership of the fund's council to nine individuals, including an independent chair.

Currently the council has five industry representatives and five government members, but the bill reduces industry and government representatives to two each.

The Legislative Assembly passed the bill yesterday, with no opposition from Labor or the Greens, and it is now before the Legislative Council.

Clean Coal Amendment Administration Bill and explanatory memorandum (NSW Government, August 2011)

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