GETUP - Wayne Swan: End mining handouts

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GETUP - Wayne Swan: End mining handouts

Postby HVPA_research » Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:35 am

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There are some interesting statics about government - mining financial arrangements. There is no direct web link to these fascinating numbers so we are saving theme here for future reference. The link to GetUp campaign is

"Politicians have a choice… between standing up for workers and kneeling down at the feet of the Gina Rineharts and the Clive Palmers …" - Wayne Swan, The Monthly, March 2012

The Government is talking tough about the need to ensure all Australians benefit from the resources we own. But here's the stark truth: Over the next three years, as the Minerals Resources Rent Tax brings in $10.6 billion from the mining industry, around $8.5 billion will be handed back to them in tax concessions and loopholes!

Wayne Swan is making critical decisions over the next few weeks in an attempt to reach a budget surplus in 2012/13. As we've seen at budget time in years past, ideas are floated out in the weeks leading up to the budget to see how the public responds. Just this morning, news outlets began running the story that perhaps mining subsidies would be cut in the upcoming budget. As Wayne Swan takes the public's temperature on this issue, let's turn up the heat on him.

Can you make sure Swan stands up for workers by ending mining handouts? Chip in to put this ad on the air so that he hears from everyday Australians instead of mining magnates:

Mining magnates such as Clive Palmer and Gina Reinhart continue to rake in record profits at the same time as receiving billions of dollars in handouts (our tax dollars) from the Government.

Each year, mining subsidies on offer include (but are not limited to):
- $1.89 billion under the Diesel Fuel Tax Credit Scheme [1]
- $330 million under the exploration and prospecting deduction [2]
- $250 million via an accelerated deprecation scheme that lets them write down their assets early [3]
- $390 million in various research & development deductions [4]

This billionaire welfare is occurring at the same time as nurses, teachers, aged-care workers and other public sector workers face further budget cuts.

That's why we've made an ad that highlights the stories of the people who really deserve the Government's aid - people working for public interest, not vested interest.

Can you help get their message on TV screens before it's too late?

It's safe to say that at some point in our lives - if it hasn't happened already - we'll all depend on people like Clare, Michelle, Janice and Inge. It's not right that they continue to work hard and pay taxes week in and week out, facing budget cuts and staffing shortages - only to have that money handed over to Clive and Gina so they can become even richer.

We can put a stop to it. Ask Wayne Swan to put our money where his mouth is and end handouts to big mining:

Thanks for standing up for what's right,
Erin, for the GetUp team.

PS - With just weeks to go before the budget is handed down, the word out of Canberra is that key meetings to discuss policy options like ending mining subsidies are occurring over the next few weeks. Can you help us get this ad on the air as these important decisions are being made? [url]
[1] 'Taxation Statistics 2008-09', Australian Taxation Office. 2011. p 14
[2] 'Tax Expenditures Statement 2011', The Australian Government the Treasury. January, 2012. p. 108
[3] 'Drill Now, Pay Later', Australian Conservation Foundation. September, 2011. p. 8
[4] 'The Berd in the Hand Report', Australian Business Foundation. April 2011. pp 18 - 25

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