Survey on effects of mining on farming communities

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Survey on effects of mining on farming communities

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Dear members,

Please think about responding to this survey below. It is being conducted by a researcher from the University of New England who is, himself, from the land and is interested in charting the social/health impacts of the mining boom, including coal seam gas.

Drew Hutton
President, Lock the Gate Alliance

Dear Lock the Gate member,

Please find below the link to the CSG survey. The survey is one of the more comprehensive rural surveys and is looking at the issues associated with the CSG industry and the responses to this industry by farmers. The range of measures in this survey address; risk perceptions, expected outcomes (for communities, rural families and the environment), behaviours in response to CSG activities, coping styles, general issues of concern to farmers, resilience, issues of trust, sense of place, and mental health outcomes (depression, anxiety and stress).

The research team at UNE is very conscious of the length of the survey (it will take at least an hour to do it) but we are hoping that you can see the value in providing us with an understanding of the impact (or not) of this industry on rural operations. The stress associated with drought and flood has been extensively documented however extraction industries are a relatively new phenomena confronting Australian farmers. We understand that some of the issues associated with CSG invoke a strong emotional response. It is the aim of this survey to objectively and empirically measure the farmers attitudes, behaviours and stressors associated with the expanding extraction industry.

It is hoped that regardless of your position (i.e. pro, anti, or neutral) that you will consider the completion of the survey as a worthy investment into improving our understanding of the attitudes, concerns and issues confronting Australian farmers in this mining boom era.

We hope that you will consider forwarding this email to all your farming contacts and that you might encourage them to contribute to the public understanding of the real world impacts of the extraction industry to farming families.

Please click on the link below to take you to the survey:

I trust that the season you are having is all you could hope for. If you wish to contact me (or require a hardcopy of the survey) please feel free to either email or phone (the details are below).

On behalf of the research team here at UNE thank you for time and efforts.

Kind regards

Methuen Morgan B.F.A, B.A.(Hons. H1), Assoc.MAPS
PhD Candidate Psychology
School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences
University of New England
Armidale NSW 2351
Ph. 02 6773 2899
Fax: 026773 3820

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