Gas Watch 145. SYDNEY RALLY – 1st May, 2012.

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Gas Watch 145. SYDNEY RALLY – 1st May, 2012.

Postby HVPA_research » Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:21 am

We have received further communication from NSW Farmers concerning the Sydney Rally.

The following quote explains the political situation
Dear Member

Re: Rally in Sydney – 1 May, 12 noon, Martin Place

Is your land covered by an exploration licence? Do you know if you have minerals, coal or coal seam gas (CSG) under your land? Do you think it won’t happen to you? Think again. With overlapping titles, more than 100 percent of the state is currently covered by mining or coal seam gas exploration or mining titles. It’s only a matter of time before you get a knock on your door or a drill rig at your gate. That’s why every member needs to be concerned about the government’s new Strategic Regional Land Use Policy (SRLUP),

Prior to the last election, the State Government promised to “make the pendulum swing the other way”, and give landholders more say in dealing with miners and coal seam gas producers on their land. They promised to identify and protect strategic agricultural land and water through up-front scientific assessment. They promised to give landholders and communities confidence that natural resources would be protected. They promised to give communities a say in the process, and landholders more power to negotiate full and proper compensation with miners and coal seam gas companies. They promised balance and sustainability for all communities.

The government’s draft policies and plans fall very short on its promises. The proposed gateway process gives no guarantee at all that any land in NSW will be protected from the impacts of CSG or mining. The mapping process raises more questions than it answers, and the draft Aquifer Interference Policy provides no assurance that aquifers will be protected either within or outside the mapped areas. For exploration, it will be pretty much business as usual. Agriculture is not even in the equation.

Friday, 13 April, 2012. Gas Watch 145. SYDNEY RALLY – 1st May, 2012. Protect Our Land And Water.
NSW Farmers is organising a massive rally – “Protect OurLand And Water”. 1st May, 2012 in Martin Place marching to NSW Parliament. Marshall in Martin Place between 11.45 am and 12.15 pm.
The HVPA, amongst many other organisations, industry and community leaders, landowners and concerned citizens supports this rally and we ask as many of you as possible to take part. After arriving at Parliament House, there will be speakers and the rally will be over by 1.30 pm.

You can register at You can follow Our Land Our Water on Twitter@ourlandourwater or on Facebook at If you need transport, register for a bus at the NSW Farmers website, or let us know at and we will see if we can organize a bus. Buses are coming from far and wide and might be able to collect us on the way through (see more in Gas Watch 145 ).
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