“The AGpocalypse” - Civilization is About to Short-Circuit

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“The AGpocalypse” - Civilization is About to Short-Circuit

Postby HVPA_research » Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:45 am

Link to this page: http://forum.huntervalleyprotectionalliance.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=563
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This is what I stumbled upon - a horrifying vision of a coming crisis in the world agriculture. It is about dying bees, scarcity of water, destruction of the top soils, coming crisis in the corporate agriculture and what food scarcity would do to the world as we know it. All these predictions come from people who claim that they have predicted the world financial crisis and NOBODY TOOK NOTICE!. All arguments are brilliantly presented (as only Americans can do) an a free report offered in order to flog an investment newsletter. As always,take this pottage with a hand full of coarse sea salt..

You can here the author here:

or just read the transcript:

You may think that you have heard all this before and that you can safely ignore it. Just another conspiracy theory - the Mayan calender ends this December and the world will therefore end and so on ...
But wait. This implies that you believe that our world is rationally governed, that our leaders know what they are doing and that we are in safe hands. If so, just read this conference speech of David Knox CEO & Managing ?Director of Santos (http://huntervalleyprotectionalliance.com/pdf/SANTOS_121119_David_Knox_AIE2012_presentation.pdf ). It is full of glowing economical projections about the growth of coal seam gas production and how this will lead Australia into a cheap energy golden age. If you run search over the document you will find that the effect of CSG expansion on people, land,fracking,water and climate are never mentioned. It is all just "business as usual" and "unlimited growth for ever". Do you still believe that the captains of the industry and their tame politicians know what they are doing? Do we trusty them with the food we eat, water we drink and air we breathe?

Dear Reader,

This winter events will converge to create what may be remembered as America's most cataclysmic crisis yet.

One major news magazine has dubbed it "The Beepocalypse."

A top financial publication has called it "Farmageddon."

We're calling it "The AGpocalypse."

In fact, it's the very same kind of crisis that triggered the final unraveling of Rome in the 5th Century... and it also brought down other mighty empires like the Egyptian and Mayan...

Now its about to bring down America too!

To learn all about it, including the deeply-undervalued investment opportunity set to soar as this crisis unfolds click here.

In Wealth and Prosperity!

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