Open slather on water use for Hunter coalmines

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Open slather on water use for Hunter coalmines

Postby HVPA_research » Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:46 pm

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THE coal industry has been given open slather on the state’s water resource under new water sharing regulations.
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In the past all water users had to abide by strict rules governing water sharing, in particular preventing water being pumped in times of drought.

Under the new laws projects approved for development under Part 3A of the Environment and Planning Assessment Act (1979) including all the region’s major coal mines would be exempt from this regulation.

The changes passed through state parliament in March this year and were entitled Water Sharing Plan for the Hunter Unregulated Alluvial Water Sources Amendment Order 2013.

Hunter Water Sharing (WSP) covers 39 water sources including locally Wollombi Brook, Doyles Creek, Black Creek, Glendon Brook and aquifers throughout the district.

Hunter Water Users Association president Arthur Burns said he was not happy with the new rules and the fact there was absolutely no community consultation before they were enacted.

“They were just a fait accompli, nothing we could do about them, we never heard about the changes before they became law,” Mr Burns said.

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