AGL, Origin back geothermal resources

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AGL, Origin back geothermal resources

Postby hvpa941 » Wed Jun 24, 2009 10:45 pm

Here is an interesting article or,28124,25667712-5018910,00.html published this week:
Energy giants Origin and AGL have been busy beefing up their wind-farm portfolios in recent months in preparation for the upgraded Renewal Energy Target -- should it make its way through parliament. But perhaps the most revealing aspects of presentations both companies made last week was their faith in geothermal energy as a significant source of base-load power in the future.

Origin is a joint venture partner with Geodynamics, while AGL has a 10 per cent stake in another aspiring geothermal producer, Torrens Energy, and the right to take up to a 50 per cent stake in its project in exchange for funding.

Other snippets on green energy are:
CSR Sugar now proudly pitches itself as a closed-cycle operation, one of the latest buzzwords for sustainable businesses: it grows and cuts and refines its own cane, using the molasses waste product as a feedstock for ethanol and the fibre for bio-energy. And it generates its own fertiliser, the Liquid One Shot, to inject back into the crops.

Desert plan for Europe The search for clean energy solutions has sparked some big ideas, and one of the biggest is the Desertec concept: massive solar thermal generation capacity in the north African desert to meet up to 15 per cent of Europe's energy needs.
Desertec was an idea of the Club of Rome think tank and the German Aerospace Centre, with an original goal of finding an alternative to importing Russian gas.

Desertec also has an Australian chapter, which envisages a similar super grid here, linking the solar and geothermal resources in Australia with Asia. It is not unlike a concept promoted by Tim Flannery, who spoke of the creation of "geothermia", an energy province that could use Australia's geothermal resources to support major emissions-free manufacturing, refining and processing industries.

Maverick Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey has a major proposal of his own: investing $9bn to exploit the tidal energy resources of the northwest coast of Western Australia to generate energy to provide a more efficient, lower-emission source of energy that would support the establishment of an LNG processing industry, and even an aluminium industry in the north of the state.
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Re: AGL, Origin back geothermal resources

Postby hvpa318 » Sat Jun 27, 2009 8:34 am

It's just a shame we are seeing the eventual damage to be caused by the "fossil fuel and global warming branch" of AGL ENERGY. Why don't they just pursue sustainable energy rather than risk groundwater and agriculture with their proposed rape of the Hunter Valley.
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