Global warming projects: A monumental failing

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Global warming projects: A monumental failing

Postby HVPA_research » Tue Jul 14, 2009 10:49 pm

Alan Kohler: A monumental failing

The 10-year old international project to stop global warming has descended into a complete shambles; we can now only hope that it’s not true, and that the skeptics are right.

But no matter who is right, we can be sure of one thing – there is little hope that an agreement to replace the failed 1997 Kyoto Protocols can be forged in Copenhagen in December. That’s despite the fact that the two Kyoto holdouts – America and Australia – are now on board, at least in principle.

Essentially the world’s politicians have given up on doing something during their lifetimes. They gave up on doing something while they are in power long ago.

This article is spot on! In fact the situation is much worse. The coal seam methane industry presents the gas as a clean and green energy of the future. In fact there is a huge downside. Nobody knows what to do with gigalitres of toxic salty water which is a necessary by-product of the CSG extraction. Current solution is to leave the waste water in huge evaporation ponds! Nobody asked the residents of the Hunter Valley if they want to live in a gas field. We don't!
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