Management of coal seam gas water in Queensland

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Management of coal seam gas water in Queensland

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Management of coal seam gas water A position paper from the website of Queensland Government, LNG Industry Unit, Department of Infrastructure and Planning, Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 April 2009 )

These changes represent a major change of heart on the part of the Queensland Government. Until now it was up to individual gas companies to decide how to dispose off saline CSG waste water.

What policy decisions has the government already made?

The Queensland Government has determined the following policy responses to concerns related to the current management of CSG water:

1. CSG producers are responsible for treating and disposing of CSG water and the government will not subsidise these activities.
2. Unless the producers use direct injection of CSG water or have arrangements for environmentally-acceptable direct use of untreated CSG water, the producers must treat CSG water to a standard defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before disposal or supply to other users.
3. Evaporation ponds are to be discontinued as a primary means of disposal of CSG water. Transitional arrangements will be developed by the government in consultation with industry to address existing evaporation ponds issues. Remediation of existing evaporation ponds is to occur within three years.
4. Ponds necessary for water aggregation and the storage of brine from treatment facilities must be fully-lined to a standard determined by the EPA.
5. An associated CSG water management plan is to be incorporated into the environmental management plan required for an application for a level 1 environmental authority.

Which legislation is applicable in the management of CSG water?

The removal, use and on-supply of CSG water are governed by the following legislation:

* Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004

* Petroleum Act 1923

* Water Act 2000

* Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008

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