Ceramic - Gas Fuel Cells for home energy

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Ceramic - Gas Fuel Cells for home energy

Postby HVPA » Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:44 pm

BUSINESS SPECTATOR Robert Gottliebsen, "Small but powerful" 14 July,2009
In Australia one of the leaders in power generation decentralisation is a fairly obscure company, Ceramic Fuel Cells.

Ceramic Fuel Cells has developed a small $6,000 home generator that has an 85 per cent power/heat conversion rate. A normal large power station has a 40 per cent power conversion rate. Ceramic’s high conversion figures have fascinated a whole range of European and Japanese power utilities who can see that the units can slash greenhouse emissions and halve the amount of gas required to generate home/office electricity and heating. And as the energy is produced in the home or office there is no transmission waste, although surplus electricity can be sold back to the grid.
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