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Tuesday, 12-April-2009.GAS WATCH 70. Letter to Cockfighter from local resident. Ed Larkin from Broke wrote to the last Cockfighter airing his concerns about a number of things which are worrying him, one of which was the “gas action group”. He opened his concern by stating that “I would bet not one of you have jumped in the car and driven to Camden to inspect your so called eyesore” etc., etc.

On 7th February, 2008, Sydney Gas invited the community to inspect its Camden coal seam methane gas processing plant (see Google Earth image ). A number of community members attended the inspection and it was their unanimous view that we must continue our resistance to having such a plant built right next to our village .... (read more in Gas Watch 70 ).

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Re: GAS WATCH 70 - Reply from Ed Larkin

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This article was mirrored from July 2009 Cockfighter

In response to Gas Watch 70, firstly
democracy is a great thing, we may not
agree but I defend anyones right to express
their view.
The Alliance has published photos in Gas
Watch 70. The photo of the plant from my
memory was not in view of any dwelling
at the time of construction. The Springs
property photo was taken during drilling
operations and would certainly not resemble
the photo published at this time. The fl are
shown no longer exists and surely the
Alliance knows full well visible fl ares are no
longer used at well heads.
Your claim of increased global warming is
untrue. The planet since records have been
compiled enters warming periods and
cooling periods. We are presently in a period
of cooling contrary to what Messrs. Garrett
and Wong would have you believe.
Explosions: When was the last time the
anchor story on the 6pm news featured a
methane gas explosion, if ever!
Last time I checked the land values in
Camden keep rising and the town hasn’t
been suffocated. There is more methane
expelled from the local herds of Angus and
Hereford – “Look our graziers”.
You’re the Alliance – just tell the truth or
maybe you should conduct a survey of the
residents to gain their opinion on the current
issues you raise. In saying that I don’t think
the grim reaper with flames licking at the rear
fence of Broke Public School is a good look
especially as you claim tourism, family and
community concerns are your main objective
to keeping AGL out of Broke. Take a trip up to
the school and ask a few of the parents what
they thought of that little advertising gem.
The new section titled predator will
hopefully endure a few new authors and I
wish the editor every success.
Finally if AGL and methane gas exploration is
fraught with such disastrous consequences
of explosions, suffocation, gas leaks and toxic
aquifers, why are many residents allowing
AGL to drill on their property’s, wouldn’t
that result in a loss of house and land value
as you claim? Personally I don’t care if AGL
obtain gas here or not, I simply believe in
the facts and truths of the matter and while
the Alliance and AGL go head to head in
the current manor, both digging in for war,
you can be rest assured that the planning
minister for NSW would be keeping a close
eye on the current progress or lack of it.
Messrs. Keneally just may declare it state
signifi cant. Be careful what you wish for.
You will be glad to know this is my fi nal say on
the matter, people can make up their own minds.
Ed Larkin
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