We're being undermined

Social, legal and health issues related to unrestrained expansion of coal mines in Australia.

We're being undermined

Postby HVPA_research » Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:39 am

We're being undermined
* Phillip Adams
* From: The Australian
* June 24, 2010 9:58AM

Philip Adams has a long history as an imaginative and radical journalist. It used to be a pleasure to read his articles. Then he mellowed down a bit and started to specialise in trivia. This time it is, once again, a vintage Philip Adams - "the man in black". Read and enjoy!

Well, not our mining companies – most of them are foreign. Nonetheless they’re nibbling away at our nation – effectively nicking it. While we worry about a few harmless people arriving in tiny, leaking boats, these boat people, with very big boats indeed, are removing Australia from Australia, leaving dirty great pits behind them. Little by little, big by big, the mining companies are taking Australia to other countries and pocketing the profits. China is full of Australia, as is India. Every day another big pile of Australia is unloaded for burning or smelting.


Talking of wheelbarrows recalls a great wharfie joke from the ’60s. All sorts of things were being nicked from the incoming cargo – and the customs blokes at the gates of Melbourne’s Prince’s Pier were particularly suspicious of a wharfie who, every night at the end of his shift, passed them wheeling a barrow full of straw. So they always stopped him and searched the straw. And were very puzzled because they never found a damn thing. But boy, did the wharfie get away with a lot of wheelbarrows! Well, those mining companies are like the wharfie, except that while we argue the toss about taxation, the world’s richest boat people are not only stealing Australia but barrows full of cash.
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