About Xstrata,Labour,Liberals and CSG Methane

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About Xstrata,Labour,Liberals and CSG Methane

Postby HVPA_research » Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:55 am

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Dear All,

The plot thickens. Here are some interesting things.

In the article below from the Australian, we're told the Farmers fought the
mine but the horse has bolted. Referring to the Xstrata coal mine in
Wandoan. Unlike Clive Palmer, Xstrata have been quietly planning and
implementing major new mines and mine upgrades in many locations. Most
notably in Rolleston and Wandoan, Queensland. Meanwhile many people seek to
paste Palmer for his public comments. In reality Xstrata, a foreign owned
enterprise is flying beneath the radar developing more coal export capacity
on Prime agricultural land than anyone else; and mostly in Queensland. If
you're going to defend yourself, always target the biggest bully in the
pack. In this instance that's Xstrata.

The horse has far from bolted, it's ready to be broken in. See below.

Martin Ferguson also sticks his head up. He's now trying to tell us The Chinese, Koreans and Japanese need a higher standard of living and that's why we should sell them our coal and gas. Last time i checked the Korean and Japanese GDP per capita was higher than Australia's. China's is certainly on the way up rapidly. So in essence, we should swap our standard of living to allow theirs to increase. Ferguson goes on to blame Green Guerilla tactics. It's not just the Greens, It's a whole spectrum of people. One wonders whether Ferguson, in his darker moments contemplates the idea that the mining boom might not actually be very popular with a large swathe of the population. Much like the Labour party!

My gut feeling is that Mining's contract to destroy our country runs parallel with Labour's desire to do the same. The deal has been with Labour not the Liberals and Nationals. The mining industry now wants to do the same deal with the Liberal National Party at all levels of government but the going is getting tough. As they say, change the government and you change the country. This aspect has been largely overlooked.

In further extraordinary news, we finally get to see the Worley Parsons Report commissioned and paid for By Beyond Zero Emissions. This is the same report Worley Parsons decided to not release after their senior mangement saw the findings. Instead they sent it off for "peer review". Not the sort of peer review one usually encounters. This is a sort of Arse covering peer review that Public Relations types like, to ensure they can keep their masters happy. It's been nothing short of a disgraceful episode.

The report quite unsurprisingly, even after being sping doctored, shows Coal Seam Gas can and probably will produce greater emissions than Coal. So whatever your view on climate change, Coal Seam Gas still stinks even when it's wearing more perfume than a Turkish Tart.

Even worse, the industry is now quite clearly attempting to fudge the calculations on it's carbon emissions in order to avoid paying the appropriate level of carbon tax. It's deception by omission rather than commission and the government is more than happy to play along given the revenue involved. It's just another area where Gillard and co. are more than happy to declare black is white because it suits them better to lie. Who's fooling whom?

See link below.

Check out Beyond Zero's comments on the Worley Parson report. See link below.


If you add all these stories up, far from things getting better for the mining industry, they're getting far worse. The industry must now pay considerably more for it's Landholder access. It must submit to Aquifer interference testing at a federal level.

The industry is moving from outright denial of it's problems to furious anger. APPEA's bullying of 2GB (http://t.co/eo1JP3km) is the best example of this state of mind. They'll have to reluctantly accept what's coming next, they've got no choice in the matter.

Worst of all for them, the Gate is still Locked.



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