Effects of coal and gas mining on property values

Social, legal and health issues related to air and water toxic pollution in Australia.

Effects of coal and gas mining on property values

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Effects of out-of-control coal and gas mining on property values
A database search dump of the links summary from the HVPA research archives on the "property" tag.

Evidence of the effects of uncontrolled CSG and coal mining projects on the property values are hard to come by. There are no peer reviewed studies on this topic.
This is what we have collected in our research archives so far.

CSG blamed for jeopardising retirement... - abc.net.au - Edit Remove
[CSG, property-values, NSW, FullertonCove, retirement, Dart, 20121127 - An 82-year-old Fullerton Cove woman has blamed nearby coal seam gas exploration for the sale of her home falling through, stopping her from moving to a retirement village] Nov 27

New economic study: fracking risks reduce... - wordpress.com - Edit Remove
[gas, USA, property-values, water, health, res, 20121105, frack - Concerns about groundwater risks associated with drilling “lead to a large and significant reduction in property values] Nov 6

PM - Coal town real estate crashes as... - abc.net.au - Edit Remove
[coal, Qld, Moranbah, real-estate, properties, pix54, 20120929 - In the central Queensland town of Moranbah, a housing shortage had sent property prices and rents soaring to extraordinary levels. But now, as the coal mines cut staff, little is renting, almost nothing is selling, and prices are crashing. ] Sep 30

Methane Making An Appearance In Pa. Water... - npr.org - Edit Remove
[methane, USA, PA, shale, migration, drilling, cementing, frack, 20120906 - Since then, both families have been dealing with methane-contaminated water supplies, as well as dozens of mysterious, flammable gas puddles bubbling up on their properties.] Sep 7

Meet the Headleys | THE LEAGUE OF ACTIVISTS - the-league-of-activists.com - Edit Remove
[frack, USA, PA, shale, Headley's, video, health, animals, 20120723, pics - "This was before anyone knew the name Marcellus. Yet, in 7 years time the man who owns the rights has put 4 shallow wells, one Marcellus well, and a pipeline across the property. We had no idea they could do this to us or the land.] Jul 23

Sellling up to fund CSG fight - State... - farmonline.com.au - Edit Remove
[farmers, Qld, WesternDowns, pipeline, land, QGC, 20120715 - Ms Mackay is risking her entire estate to launch a legal challenge against coal seam gas miner QGC in a desperate effort to receive a fair deal for a pipeline she never wanted on her property in the first place. ] Jul 15

Worry for homeowners who face the threat... - guardian.co.uk - Edit Remove
[gas, frack, UK, property, values, land, review, 201206 - - review links to land values in the USA] Jun 25

CSG ripples felt in rural property -... - queenslandcountrylife.com.au - Edit Remove
[CSG, Qld, property, values, rural, residents, 20121209 - A RURAL property agent at the centre of the rapidly expanding coal seam gas industry in Queensland has warned that properties affected by gas mining are becoming increasingly harder to sell. ] 8:32am

Who are the best environmental guardians? - huntervalleyprotectionalliance.com - Edit Remove
[CSG, coal, planning, land, water, properties, governance, gov, submission, 20090618 - Submission, article,references] 8:26am

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