What is happening at Jerrys Plains

Social, legal and health issues related to unrestrained expansion of coal mines in Australia.

What is happening at Jerrys Plains

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* Archived from local media *

It is becoming more and and more clear that the township of Jerrys Plains, in the NSW Hunter Valley, may became the next victim of the unrestricted coal mining expansion following Warkworth, Wollar, Ravensworth,Camberwell and Bulga. The pattern is the same, open cut coal mines move closer and closer tom the places where people live and eventually choke them with coal dust and unrelenting noise. Under the current system all this is perfectly legal, The coal industry submits proposals for new mines or expansions of existing mines, supported by their pet consultants to provide the science, and government of all shapes or color simply approve the proposals. Local residents are never asked what they feel about it because all decisions are centralized in the hands of the government ministers and their department bureaucrats. Yet the enormous government powers can be easily subverted by corrupt officials such as Ian MacDonald or Eddie Obeid as the current ICAC investigation shows far too clearly http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-04/27under-oath27-obeid-denies-coal-mine-conspiracy/4499048. The current Liberals-National party officials should not rejoice too much that these were Labour Party members. Their officials and members are just as much captured by mining interests as the Labour was . It a systemic problem and until it is resolved, ordinary people will suffer despite all the grand talk about the democracy and sustainability. The system is broken and needs to be fixed!

Here is a quote from Singleton Argus, Raise your voice reported by By Declan Martin on Feb. 1, 2013, . It summarizes well the gist of the meeting.

THE balance between coal mines and agricultural industries hasn’t been found yet and those who want a balance need to speak up.
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This was the general message from key note speakers at the “Jerrys in Jeopardy” meeting on Tuesday.

More than 100 concerned farmers, vignerons, thoroughbred breeders and villagers packed the Jerrys Plains community hall to hear the latest discussion on the risks associated with mining.

One fact that all the speakers spoke about was that the cumulative effect of mining was not being properly addressed by government when considering new mines or expansions.

Currently in close proximity to Jerrys Plains are Drayton South, Plashett, Doyles Creek, Wambo and Carrington West mines who are considering expanding their operations.

More reactions from the media can be found in the following list:

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6 days ago – Smiles warned residents Jerrys Plains could face a similar fate to ... and environmentalists feared the continued expansion of coal mines in the ...
Greens to hit Hunter coal mines | Mining Australia

http://www.miningaustralia.com.au/news/greens-to-hit-hunter-coal-mines› News
Jan 18, 2012 – Two members of the Greens are hitting the Hunter Valley on a 'coal fact finding tour'. ... and discuss the Mt Thorley Warkworth mine, and meet with locals at Jerrys Plains. ... Xstrata expansion will create 150 new coal jobs ...
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Jan 27, 2013 – RESIDENTS from Jerry's Plains and surrounding areas will meet tomorrow to discuss the potential impacts of five coal-mining proposals on their communities. ... Rio Tinto's Carrington West expansion of the Hunter Valley ...
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http://www.theherald.com.au/story/1261596/jerrys-plains-people-talk-about-mine-impacts/ › Mining › NSW › Hunter
Do you live in Jerrys Plains, NSW and have a mining requirement? Look no further ... Ravensworth Coal Terminel Liddell Station Rd, Ravensworth, NSW, 2330 ...
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– She said that "There was a call for a moratorium on all coal mining proposals and development applications encircling Jerrys Plains until such time as the ... stakeholder groups concerned about mine expansion in the region.

Current Projects | NuCoal
Doyles Creek Underground Mine and Training School Project ... It is situated in the Hunter Valley coalfield, near the town of Jerrys Plains and adjacent to several ...

Raise your voice | The Singleton Argus
4 days ago – THE balance between coal mines and agricultural industries hasn't been found ... Bev Smiles talk about the mining risk imposed by further expansion. ... and villagers packed the Jerrys Plains community hall to hear the latest ...
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