NSW: New laws not enough to reduce coal dust

Social, legal and health issues related to unrestrained expansion of coal mines in Australia.

NSW: New laws not enough to reduce coal dust

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Good morning all

Today's Herald contains an article on new controls on dust from coal mines. I think it's important for community groups in the Hunter Central Rivers region to respond to this asap - especially if you're impacted directly by mine dust. This is a desperate attempt by the environment minister to build some kind of trust in the face of overwhelmingly negative media and public pressure. The reality is that the national standard for PM10 was exceeded 115 times in the Hunter last year, mostly in the mine-affected parts of the valley. The NSW Government commissioned a paper on best practice dust suppression, but approves coal mines that propose to implement a very small number of the know mitigation strategies. Even if the 'tough new laws' succeed in reducing dust from existing mines by 20%,, approving T4 will mean 15 new large coal mines, increasing coal mining and export by up to 100%. The laws may be successful, but we'll still have much more dust.

The journalist who wrote the Herald's story is Michelle Harris


'State to launch new laws: Tough on mine dust'

All open-cut mines will have to have to abide by new environmental conditions that the state government says could slash their total dust emissions by about 20 per cent.

Environment Minister Robyn Parker will outline today the changes that will require mines to do more to reduce and monitor the amount of dust generated from trucks on unsealed mine haul roads, and the movement of soil and rock waste, or overburden.

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