BMPA Newsletter to Residents - July 2014

Social, legal and health issues related to unrestrained expansion of coal mines in Australia.

BMPA Newsletter to Residents - July 2014

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* This is a copy of a Newsletter that was dropped to Bulga mailboxes on Saturday, 5th of July, 2014 *


BMPA Newsletter to Residents - July 2014

By now you will be aware that Rio Tinto Coal Australia has submitted an application to mine the area
west of the current Mine site, towards the Bulga village, the Wollombi Brook and through the Warkworth Sands Woodlands.

The area proposed to be mined is the same as that which was refused by the NSW Land and Environment court in 2013 and confirmed by the NSW Supreme court in 2014. whilst there are minor differences in the total plan there is no difference in the area to be mined, which includes, Warkworth Sands Woodlands, The Warkworth Airstrip, Wallaby Scrub Road itself and some very significant Aboriginal Heritage sites' we believe it is an abuse of process for the mine to submit this application, almost a contempt of the Court findings. Further the Mine is blatantly ignoring a requirement of the 2003 approval that they not mine this area and, in fact, must set it aside in perpetuity as a Non Disturbance area and a protection for the residents from the effects of the mine.

During the various hearings the chief Judge of the Land and Environment court very thoroughly examined the impacts on the ecology, a number of endangered species, the village, the Warkworth Sands Woodlands and the local residents and found that, on balance, the project had NO MERlT. His findings were-confirmed by the three most senior Judges of the NSW Supreme Court.

Except that the price of coal has gone down, nothing has changed, but Rio Tinto wants to ignore all of this and destroy our ecology, our village, our lifestyle and our property values.

Your Progress Association is gearing up to fight the application, as we did before and we would value your support' we are going to need input as to the effect on you and the members of your family, we will need submissions against the project if it comes to a PAC hearing we will need lots of other help as we fight to save our historic district-we need to counter the untruths the mine is spreading--

If you can help in any way please contact:-

John Lamb 6574 5205 or 0427 695 468 or John Krey 6574 5376 or 0419 247 682

Please note that the BMPA is working for you, in the Bulga district. We are the voice that council listens to on local matters, we have set up and recently planted trees in the Rec. Ground' we are working to beautify the common and stock Reserve, we have organized new
toilets for the Rec' Ground, we recently launched the book "History of Bulga" where more than 250 people attended. We arranged the celebrations for the Bridge centenary and your Anzac Day service at the Memorial Gates.

BMPA is your conduit for the future of our area!

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