Come to hear Jason, a Buddhist walking monk

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Come to hear Jason, a Buddhist walking monk

Postby HVPA_research » Mon Aug 25, 2014 12:42 am

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Courtesy of AnneMarie and Robert McLaughlin

Last night, Saturday August 23, 2014, Tanya and myself have attended Jason Chang's presentation about "How to speak well and achieve happiness " at the Milbrodale Public School. About twenty people, some from as far as Maitland or Newcastle, came to hear Jason. It was very impressive. To do things well is one of the basic tenets of Buddhism.

I was always aware, from a distance, that the thoughts of Buddhism are very deep, non-competitive, non-hierarchical and all-loving. Buddhists believe in unselfish seeking "personal happiness for all" and in "whatever I have is enough". To them everything as a spiritual activity: sweeping the floor, repairing an irrigation pipe, cooking lunch, teaching children ... This is exactly what we are missing in the present-day society.

I understand that Jason studied law. decided that this was not his way and went to Sri Lanka to study Buddhism. Eventually he became a walking Buddhist monk. Like Buddha himself, two and half thousands years ago, he walks the Earth alone and talks to people about things that do matter. He liked the spirit of our valley, our tenacious battle with the big coal and gas and so he stayed for a while.

COME AND HEAR JASON SPEAK NEXT SATURDAY! He is a most lovely person. This is an opportunity of the lifetime that you should not miss.
See you there.
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